Monday, December 19, 2011

A Year in Review

As the new year approaches, I thought I would write a wrap-up of all of the projects we completed in 2011. Since I'm still writing a post a day through the end of the year, I am going to include January-November 2011 and I'll summarize December later. I can't believe the projects we've accomplished, progress we've made on the house, and number of blog posts I've written!


Merry Christmas - Our home decked for the holidays last year.
Kitchen Phase 3 - Priming and painting the cabinets plus installing new hardware.
Happy Valentine's Day - You know I love a good vinyl table cloth. Our Valentine's Day decor.
Window Treatments - We finally hang curtains and blinds. 
Kitchen Phase 4 - Tile backsplash! WOW!
Visitors - Dogs a plenty plus a few humans.


Lights, Camera, Action! - Alex installs some new light fixtures.
Kitchen Phase 5 - Wall paint.
Kitchen Before and After - Wow, huge transformation!
Dining Room Phase 1 - Onto the next project we go.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! - My favorite holiday.
Dining Room Phase 2 - We finally get rid of the nasty carpet and Tim installs laminate flooring.


Dining Room Phase 3 - Our first upholstery project, a bench for the pups.


So sad, we actually didn't post anything in April.


Lights, Take 2 - Rex and my mom help us install more light fixtures. I couldn't be happier!
The Saddest Yard - It gets a little love.
Dining Room Phase 4 - New trim. Why did it take us so long to get this done? My wonderful husband ended up doing this all by himself.
Mirror Mirror on the Wall - A great project featuring my favorite store, Valley Thrift.
Death to the Dirt Pit - This may be my favorite project for functional reasons. My dogs still track dirt in, but now it's less.


Snap into a Slim Trim! - Framing our upstairs windows with trim.


Old, New, Borrowed, Black? - We refinish a hutch that used to belong to my grandparents.
A Room Fit for a Guest! - The first room to get wall decor in our house, the guest bedroom.
Green with Energy - Bedroom #2 gets a new look.
Guests at the Whites - A call for guest bloggers.We have hosted several guest posts and are always looking for more. Interested? Send me an email.
The Bernout: Guest Post - The lovely L of The Bernout shares her strategies to decorate a room on a budget. Love it!


A European Inspired Bathroom: Guest Post My mom stops by to share a MAJOR bathroom renovation.


A Magical Vacation - Photos from our 2011 Disney trip. 
Like a Cheapstake in a Thrift Store - An old director's chair gets a new life.
Garage - Tim builds a work bench with his dad and organizes our garage... again.
Laundry Room Mini-Makeover - My least favorite room in the house gets a cover to conceal the madness.


A Ton of Concrete Later - Tim quite literally pours a ton of concrete out back. 
It Takes a Lifetime - to decorate a house!


Guest Post: Score, Spray, and Scrape! - Mansi shares advice on removing wall paper.
Guest Post: From Ugly Kitchen to Zen Garden - Mansi is back for round two. You wouldn't let her get away with not sharing before and after photos!
True Blue - Our bedroom goes from builder beige to beautiful blue.

There you have it, 34 posts in 11 months. My December daily posts should come close to my annual posting level. I'll be back toward the end of the month to recap this little project (only 12 days left!).

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