Monday, November 21, 2011

True Blue

With two bedrooms painted upstairs, it was time to move on to our bedroom. I did this project while Tim was away for the weekend. I did not pull a fast one on him; we decided on a color in advance and purchased paint during a 4th of July sale ($5 off per gallon via an online rebate). And the color is...


I think Tim was a little shocked when I agreed to blue. It has nothing to do with the masculinity of the color. In fact, I love grey which some would consider a masculine color. My disdain for blue only surfaces when it is paired with its dastardly lover, tan. No, I don't hate tan either. Get them together and I'm disgusted with this blue-tan matrimony. It's not even blue-tan combinations that gets me. It's tan walls with blue accents. In our apartments, most rooms were tan or blue furnishings, pillows, etc. Sometimes blue was cheating on tan with tan's close cousin, brown. I vow to break the vows of marriage between blue and tan citing irreconcilable differences (or at least no more tan walls with blue throw pillows).

Update: I don't hate blue and tan combinations; I am just trying to make sure that not EVERY room in our house has tan (aka builder beige) walls with blue throw pillows as it has been in previous apartments. In fact, our downstairs has tan walls, tan furniture, and blue throw pillows. It's a nice look, just not for EVERY room! My mom was giving me a hard time after reading this post, so here I am to clarify!

We like bright colors in the White house. No baby blue. We're not Tar Heels fans over here (bonus points from Tim for using a sports reference!). We wanted a real blue, true blue, blue blue. Are you sensing a pattern? We did the same thing in the green room.

We again chose Behr paint. I love the coverage of Behr. It really is a high quality paint. I've always managed to find it on sale or with rebates. If you're buying just paint (not paint and primer in one as we did here), it's a reasonable price. The color we chose is French Court.

Has anyone ever told you that I love new bedding? I'm obsessed. I lust over new bedding often. In fact, I purchased two new sets of bedding for our room before we even painted the walls. I think of it as incentive. It motivated me to get this room painted so that I could put the new bedding on. Yay! I desperately want new bedding for the guest bedroom, but that's another story...

I purchased this bedding on clearance from Marshalls while we were in Florida. I actually purchased another bedding set on clearance from Meijer, but this set was a gorgeous steal that I couldn't pass up! I opted for a thin quilt and microfiber blanket rather than a bulky comforter. If my friend from grad school, Elyse, is reading this she will surely die. I used to not wash my bedding every week (gasp!), but now that I have two messy dogs I do. They are always getting fur and dirty paw prints on the bed. Our first comforter could not withstand the abuse from weekly washings, but I can easily fit a quilt and microfiber blanket in separate loads. After 3 months of use, they are holding up fine.

This photo is a sure sign that we need to DIY a headboard. I'm still trying to decide/figure out exactly what I want to do. I'm struggling with what to do for curtains (what color, how long, how do I flank them on the window with our bed off-center?), closet doors (paint them white or get rid of them completely?), and furniture (refinish, buy new, or keep as is?). What do you think?

You might notice that the bed seems huge. It's really just a queen on risers. I purchased king size flat sheet, blanket, and quilt because I never seemed to have any covers with two dogs and Tim snatching them. At least now I manage to have a small parcel. I intend to have some underbed storage here, but for now Monkey has commandeered this as her lair. The king sized blankets fit nicely over the side of the bed (the quilt is actually pulled to one side so I could get a nice photo if it, it sits about 6 inches higher normally).

Here's little Sully-man enjoying the new bedding. This room isn't finished yet. I'll be sure to post a before and after photo when we get some resolution on other items (closet doors, curtains, furniture, headboard, carpet, etc.).

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