Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post: From Ugly Kitchen to Zen Garden

Mansi is back with more juicy details on her kitchen project... I can't wait!

Weekend 3:

I was so excited to finally wrap up the bulk of this project!  We of course started with taping up trim, parts of the cabinets, and outlets. I also did some last minute sanding with a block sander. I would actually recommend being as thorough as you can with this to ensure the paint goes on smoothly.

While painting, I noticed some spots that I could’ve sanded down better…too late now!

We chose to use Valspar primer instead of Kilz due to the unevenness of parts of the wall. It did seem to go on more evenly and was about 7 dollars more.  We did two coats of primer to again ensure that the walls would be smooth and ready to go for the colored paint.

I love the Shurline classic paint edger for cutting in. I don’t know how people just use an angled paint brush!

There’s my husband priming away behind the fridge…painting around appliances is annoying, but not nearly as daunting as I’d expected.

I had two standard rollers for priming and a new Purdy roller for the green paint. We again chose Valspar for the paint and chose the color Zen Garden.

Cutting in with my Shur Line paint edger!

So after six hours of breathing in paint fumes, we were left with a very bright green kitchen!  It ended up looking a bit brighter on the wall than I’d expected but overall, it definitely looks much more open and lighter than before. 

While we were still motivated, we changed out the hardware on the cabinets to a simple brushed nickel handle.  That was the quickest and easiest home improvement project ever! I wish I’d done this months ago!

Not sure why the color looks like a lime green here, but the small pops of silver definitely help make the kitchen look more modern.

We also needed something for the big open wall space above our kitchen cart. We contemplated putting up some artwork, but decided to go with something more functional – a pot rack!  We chose one from Crate and Barrel because we could return it if needed (it’s slightly cheaper at Amazon) and because it mounted to the wall as opposed to the pot racks that hang from the ceiling. While this was a pricey purchase, I absolutely love the look and sometimes the price tag can be worth it!  My one gripe with it is that you can’t really put anything on the top because the hooks make it an uneven surface.  We decided to showcase a picture drawn by my husband’s goddaughter –a green giraffe!

Maybe I’ll cook more often now that the pots are being openly displayed…

We’re also going to change the window treatments to add in some lighter colors, change the light fixtures, and paint some of the brown trim white…but we’re taking a little bit of a break now. It’s been a long month! Thanks to Chanelle for encouraging me to take on the project! We give ourselves an A for effort!

I can't agree more, Mansi. Look at that fabulous kitchen! Let's check out the before and after photos:



I love how light and airy the kitchen feels with the fresh color and shiny hardware. You know I'm a sucker for a classy cabinet pull. This project proves that you can make a dramatic change without breaking the bank or doing serious demolition. Great job Mansi and Calvin! A for effort indeed.

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