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We are your average family with an interest in home renovations. We giddily took on the task of renovating a 1980s home from top to bottom. We've accomplished a lot to date (see our Post Archive) including two bathroom renovations, a kitchen renovation, flooring, and many other projects. We're definitely in the amateur category, but our motto is 'A' for effort!

By day, Chanelle advises college students and Tim works with retirement accounts. Tim is an avid sports fan. Despite his current location in Cincinnati, he likes the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Browns. Chanelle loves baking and dogs, but not together. We're also parents to our happy baby, Turner. He joined the White house in 2012 and grows inches each day. Turner enjoys playing with toys, pulling on dog fur, and laughing at mom and dad. Monkey and Sullivan are our lovable dogs. They enjoy playing chase, shredding dog toys, and 'helping' with projects.

If you want to submit a project for a guest post, please comment on this blog. We would love to hear from you! Send us your DIY related questions and we'll be happy to answer those too. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. It's all right Tim, we'll forgive you for your disinterest in Cincinnati sports! :-) And you're actually in the right city for it! Lots of Cubs and Browns fans in Cincy.