Friday, April 12, 2013

A Total Transformation

Finally our bathroom renovations come to an end. We actually finished this project around this time in 2012. We scurried to finish things as I was 7 months pregnant before our Memorial Day party. Thankfully, we met our deadline! Too bad I'm just now getting around to sharing this one year later...


Our ugly basket weave (see the top) medicine cabinet that was recessed into the wall. Above is my weak attempt at updating things with a light fixture shortly after we moved into our house.

Linoleum that's cracked and peeling. Sad to see this floral pattern go... not.

We actually had blue rugs in our old bathroom. The vanity top was actually newish (it had been replaced by the previous owner). It was curb-cycled by the pickers on garbage day. Hopefully someone is now enjoying that newish vanity top in their home!

Aqua/lime sherbet colored tile is the best! I knew I wanted to rip this out the day we looked at the house. Nevertheless, I loved the home, neighborhood, location, and layout. We could overlook the lime-y bathroom. Now, the moment you've been waiting for (with bated breath I know)... the after photos.


A new robe hook, for moi!

In hindsight, I may have installed a hook for hand towels too instead of a towel bar. It actually makes the bathroom look neat and tidy when the towels are on the hook. Instead, we sploppily hang our hand towels on the towel bar.

The placement of the toilet paper holder was much-debated. I think we made the right decision. We'll find out when little T starts potty training if he can actually reach it!

Check out that beautiful tile! the grout really blends in well. I love the natural stone look of this ceramic tile. Plus, our shiny new tub. I also believe our tub got curb-cycled. That was probably for scrap metal though.

The install of this Delta faucet replacement went much better than the first bathroom. I already knew what I was doing even though it's fairly complex (it had 3 different install options depending on the kind of faucet you were replacing, so I had to figure out which type we were). It's so shiny and clean.

Check out the wainscoting! Doesn't that look crisp and clean? I love how it brightens the bathroom.

Freshly painted closet doors equipped with brushed nickel hinges and handles. We also replaced the outlets, switches, and covers with white instead of cream.

I love having a two sink vanity. I worried that having less counter space would be a problem-- it hasn't been. It forces me to keep the bathroom tidy. Plus, I have two drawers to stash all of my junk. :)

I love this mosaic backsplash! It's just a little flash of interest behind the vanity. The pour style faucets have also been a huge hit among guests at our house. We purchased this foaming soap dispenser from Meijer. It was more costly than I prefer, but it really does look better than a plastic bottle.

The vanity is a few inches wider, but everything still fits! There's even enough room for a small trash can next to the toilet.

Sullivan is pretty happy with this renovation; he especially loves the plush new rugs.





WOW. Can you believe that? Our new bathroom looks fantastic. We put in a lot of hard work over 2 months. Nobody said DIY was fast! Big thanks to my mom, Steve, and Rex for all of their help. Also a huge thanks to Tim for doing most of the demo by himself and all of the painting! I am pretty proud of the work that I did in here despite the limitations of being 5-7 months pregnant during this renovation.

This is a total transformation. I can't think of much that I would have changed now that we've been living with it for a year. Maybe a hook for the hand towels instead of a towel bar, but that's pretty minimal. Even now, I still stare in awe at the gorgeous new look of this room.

Our DIY projects have slowed since Turner joined our family almost 9 months ago. We tackled most of the major projects before he was born (new flooring, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, etc.). Pretty soon, he'll be swinging a hammer too! We have managed to tackle a few projects that I'll be back to post!