Monday, July 15, 2013

100th Post!

Can you believe this is our 100th post? We started this blog in 2010 as we purchased our first home. Our house and our family has certainly changed a lot in that time, just like any young family. We are so proud of the work that has gone into this house. It might not be perfect, but our blood, sweat, and tears make this little place home. After all, 'A' for effort is the motto around here!

We've completed a lot of projects to date including two bathroom renovations, a kitchen transformation, dining room makeover, new carpet, countless nursery and guest bedroom tweaks, and more. Pretty soon we're going to run out of projects on this house...

We couldn't do all of these crazy house projects without the support of our family. Your blood, sweat, and tears made this home possible! Thank you so much to the loyal readers of this blog. My co-workers, friends, and family put up with this nonsense (ha!).

With the 100th post, I've implemented a few exciting changes on our blog. First, I added Pinterest pins to every blog post so you can easily share our projects. Pin away! Second, I created several new pages accessible from the top navigational bar on our homepage. New pages include About Us, House Tour (in progress), and Post Archive.

I'm not sure what the future of this blog holds. We've had less time for home projects and less projects to complete. Despite our active family, we have completed a few projects lately including a new sink faucet, dishwasher install, building shelving, building a park bench and stand, and a landscaping retaining wall. I'll catch you up on those in the near future. For now, enjoy our new pages!