Friday, July 1, 2011

A Room Fit for a Guest!

As you recall, we painted an accent wall in the dining room Deep Garnet. We were initially told that it would take a quart. As the quart ran out, I rushed to Home Depot and bought a gallon. Fortunately, that was enough. Unfortunately, we were left with 3/4 gallon of Behr Premium paint and primer in one. We knew we needed to use this in another room because we had a ton of it and because it was expensive. The obvious choice was our third bedroom. It's a small room, but large enough to handle a dark color (vs. the bathroom which would have felt closed in with the dark color). We did have that concern with this room, but went with it anyway!
Tim had some time and managed to paint the third bedroom back in April. We did very little with it after Easter. Then Tim had a great idea: we should move the guest bedroom into our freshly painted third bedroom. We haven't really utilized the third bedroom yet. It's kinwas a weird space because it was too small to do DIY projects in, but needed to be more than a storage space. Tim thought I could put all of my craft items, sewing machine, holiday storage, etc. in the second bedroom. This will hopefully be more functional for us while we're DIYing everything!
As you can see from the photo above, we finally got some decor on the walls! We've definitely been slacking in that department as we've focused so much on larger projects (kitchen, dining room, paver project, etc.). Don't get me wrong, we're not totally there yet-- those frames still have photos of other people in them! Progress people, progress. The Welcome is made of adhesive mirrored letters. This photo collage is above the bed.

These flowers are 3D, so it breaks up the dark wall with something eye-catching. We placed these next to the window.

Beside the bed I set up a simple nightstand that we already owned (it was in the prior guest room), a new lamp, and my thrift-store mirror.

Again, we repurposed old items. This is our old entertainment center that we've owned for a while. It was sitting in the old guest room. We initially planned to use my corner desk, but the placement of the floor vent was problematic. I think the entertainment center actually works out better. It isn't as deep as the corner desk and provides storage for towels and other items for guests. For now, I stashed some of my craft supplies in the bottom, until I get my act together in the second bedroom.
We've tossed around the idea of painting the nightstand, entertainment center, and headboard white. I'd love to have all of the furniture match in that space, but I don't want to buy new (for cost, waste reduction, and the fact that this furniture actually fits in the room well-- which is challenging due to the placement of the floor vent).
I love the crisp white next to the deep garnet. The contrast is striking and creates a posh room, like a swanky hotel! We need to paint the trim, door, and closet doors to complete this room. Oh yeah, and replace the carpet. No big. haha


  1. I think this looks great, Chanelle! I too think painting the nightstand and entertainment center white would be beautiful! You are such a tease only showing some parts of the room ;).

    Random: Have you ever thought of taking down the center divider in the entertainment center? I bet having the TV in the center of the shelf (instead of on the right) with a basket of towels/whatever you want on both sides would look really pretty.

    Also, I adore the lamp! I think it's from target, no? The champagne-ish/silver color of the base looks really pretty with the garnet and white!

  2. Looks terrific! Posh and swanky indeed :)