Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Stain, No Gain

After helping the Trouts with their staining project, Tim was definitely inspired. We initially discussed spraypainting the small retaining walls on our property, but thought staining was the better route. The only problem was that we wanted a very dark color to match our dark mailbox post and fence surrounding our pool area (visible in this post). Tim popped over to Home Depot and found a small can of stain that fit the bill. It was a very similar color to the mailbox post, so it was perfect!

The first area is the retaining wall by our driveway. Our neighbor (a smidge of the yard shown below) is a professional landscaper and has an incredible lawn. Our sad, grey wood looked terrible next to his plush lawn. He even complimented us when Tim finished this tiny improvement!

Tim also tackled the retaining wall around the square. The retaining wall matched the color of the concrete pavers that we installed in May. So sad.

Retaining Wall Pre-Stain



I love the rich chocolate look of this stain. It really makes the square pop with the dark, contrasting color on the exterior. We definitely should have done this earlier! Such an easy project and it gives the square that "finished" look. 

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