Saturday, December 10, 2011

Home Furnishings by T. White, Inc.

This post is all about the furnishings that we've added during the last few months. They've all been down stairs in our TV/Sitting room.

We origninally had 2 loveseats. We tried to buy a couch, but since we live in a tri-level house, it was impossible to get a full size couch downstairs. A friend (Thanks John!) of ours knew that we were looking for a possible sectional couch and let us know that his mom had a couch. The catch? It was in Ft. Wayne (about 2.5 hours north). We borrowed a truck (thanks Kathy and Brian!) and brought home our new couch:

Chanelle used a Groupon to purchase three canvas prints from My Pix 2 Canvas (we had a great experience by the way). We used wedding photos and a monogram from to set this area up. Any suggestions as to what we could mount the monogram on?? We're still stuck on that one. 

Update from Chanelle: The monogram is gorgeous and will look amazing after we remove the white paper and blue painter's tape. You can certainly mount these on your wall, but we know we'll be painting eventually, so we want to mount it on something else for easy up and down during the painting phase. My friend, Mansi, suggested a mirror which I love but I am still in the search for the perfect mirror. In the meantime, I admire the beauty of the design.

A piece that I love is a map that our friends (Thanks Natalie and Alex!) bought us in the Caribbean. Chanelle had it custom framed at Michaels and we're putting pins in it to show the locations that we've been to. In March, we'll be able to add 3 new pins!

As a birthday give (Thank you, Love!) Chanelle bought a diploma frame for me. I am THAT guy that loves his alma mater. Probably to a fault. I am and will always be a Buckeye.

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