Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Toasty Hallway

Back in October, we worked feverishly to finish our hallway in time for Halloween. I realized we never posted our new color choice-- Behr Toasted Wheat. This was a HUGE project. The old color was builder beige just like the rest of our house. It actually wasn't a bad color, but we had no paint to fix the dings in the walls from move in day. The color of the hallway is tricky because it can be seen from every room:

From this view, you can see a sliver of Glidden Wood Smoke on the left, the Behr Deep Garnet in the dining room, and the hallway to the left. From the downstairs, you can see the laundry room, living room, and downstairs bath. From the upstairs, you can see all three bedrooms (Behr Green Energy, Behr French Court, and Behr Deep Garnet) and the upstairs bathroom. It really does connect every single room in the house! I wanted something that would be a cohesive color to bring all of our rich, saturated colors.

Tim also stained the handrails the some color as our other staining projects. It really gives new life to the old handrails. We used new hardware and patched up the wall where the old hardware was. Tim also cut a few inches off the upper handrail. It used to protrude into the dining room and I would always bash my hip on the end.

The absolute worst part about this was the trim. We painted this before we painted the walls. It required a coat of primer and 3 coats of America's Finest Semi-Gloss White (that we've used to paint all of our trim). With three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a closet, can you imagine how much trim we had to paint? Plus the baseboard! Least. Favorite. Project. Ever.

We have one of these vents in each of the bedrooms and each hallway. Tim had some leftover white spraypaint, so we cleaned and painted the vents rather than replacing them. They look brand new! This photo is the best representation of the color. It is warmer than the old color, but is still very neutral to tie into the rest of the rooms. Unfortunately, we did ding up the walls again when we moved our new couch downstairs, so we've got a bit of touch up painting to do.

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