Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let the Maddness Begin!

Okay, so it's not quite March yet. But I figured it was time to get the maddness started! Below are three items that we've purchased for our downstairs bathroom project. Our plan is to finish this bathroom over a weekend (I plan on starting January 13th and finishing January 15th). It can be done! The bathroom is small and our changes are "minor." I use that term loosely because even a minor reno can turn into a nightmare! On to the items...

Chanelle purchased this item from Home Depot. It's our vanity down stairs and comes with the cabinet and vanity top. Should be a pretty easy install.

This is a gift from Chanelle's Mom (Thank you Cathy!). She bought a combo sink/cabinet/faucet for her bathroom reno, but had her heart set on a different faucet. Lucky for us! This will fit perfectly with our decor for this bathroom. Plus free is always the right price!

And in our never ending search for storage, we purchased this over-the-toilet shelf unit. I liked that it does not have doors and the items can be easily accessed. This should be a hit!

A few items left to purchase before we start: vinyl flooring, toilet, base trim and paint. I cannot wait to get this bathroom reno started!

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