Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Post a Day... Sort of

All in all I did quite well posting daily. I could not have done it without the help of friends and family. Thank you Abby, Mansi, Kathy, Adam, and of course Tim! Here's a recap of what we did each day this month:

December 1 A Post a Day Keeps the Readers at Bay
December 2 Updated: Like a Cheapskate in a Thrift Store
December 3 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...
December 4 When staining something is a good thing
December 5 Blog Roll
December 6 Guest Post: Semi-Homemade DIY
December 7 Monogram Art
December 8 Canvas Art (Fail)
December 9 Guest Post: Personalize Your Space
December 10 Home Furnishings by T. White, Inc.
December 11 Guest Post: A Thankful Home
December 12 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... (Updated)
December 13 No Stain, No Gain
December 14 Bath Crashers, Where Art Thou? Part 1
December 15 Bath Crashers, Where Art Thou? Part 2
December 16 Every DIYer's Dirty Secret
December 17 A Cozy Laundry Room
December 18 Gifts for Any DIYer
December 19 A Year in Review
December 20 Let the Maddness Begin!
December 21 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
December 22 A Toasty Hallway
December 23 Goals for 2012
December 24 Upstairs Bathroom Brain Dump
December 25 Merry Christmas from the White Family!
December 26 Guest Post: A Dining Room Full of Colors
December 27 Don't Drink and Demo!
December 28 Guest Post: Top 10 Painting Tips
December 29 Oops. See two posts below.
December 30 For Sale and By the Numbers
December 31 Today!

Our Cheats: We kind of cheated on December 12th when Tim updated our December 3rd post to include a video of our holiday lights in action. I also updated the Thrift Store post on December 2nd because I finally finished the luggage rack. On December 29th I forgot to post, so I posted twice on December 30th. We also actually didn't do any of these projects in the month of December. I had some ideas planned, but wasn't able to execute them in the madness of holiday shopping and enjoying time with family. Plus posting daily consumed any time that I would have had to actually do projects!

Now that we've posted nearly every day for a month, we're exhausted! Tim and I will be taking the month of January off from blogging. Tim will be furiously working at the turn of the new year at his full time/real job. Then we hope to dive into our bathroom renovations and will need some time to work on those projects before we'll be ready to share. Thanks for visiting our blog this month. We look forward to a year full of DIY projects in 2012 and hope you'll visit us in February!

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  1. Well done, Chanelle and Tim! Can't wait to see your posts in February!