Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gifts for Any DIYer

Tim and I tried to finish up our Christmas shopping today, so I thought I'd round up a small list of gifts for any DIYer. I hope this inspires you to think of some purposeful gifts for the DIYer in your life. Enjoy!

1) Gift Cards- This is a no brainer. This gift allows the recipient to pick out the perfect accoutrement to their project.

2) Paint Tools- Anyone can paint, from novice to expert. I recommend the following products: Shur-Line Paint Edger and Refill Pads, Scotch Blue Painter's Tape or Frog Tape (I don't have a preference, for brand but I recommend the 1 inch width), Fine Grit Sandpaper, Spackle, and a beginner's pack of painting supplies (I didn't buy the expensive kind but that's up to you. Here's an example).

3) Wall-Hanging Hardware- Buy a variety pack of nails, brackets, anchors, etc. I also use Command Hooks, especially for seasonal decor. Perhaps my Residence Life days have influenced me, but I like blue sticky tack. This is great for securing the corners of frames so they don't move and get lopsided.

4) Tools- Who doesn't love tools? This could be on the Christmas list year after year because you can never have enough! This gift could be small like a screwdriver set or large like a table saw. Many of our power tools are Royobi because we purchased a great combo kit when we bought our house.

5) Pencils- We never seem to have enough. The large, thick carpenter pencils are the perfect tool for every project. We usually get ours for free when we shop at Pease. The home improvement stores sell them for around $20 each.

6) Caulk- I'm obsessed. This might be my favorite DIY tool and it's a recent discovery. I will share a great trick later in the month using caulk. You need two varities: Clear Silicone II Kitchen and Bath and White, Paintable Caulk.

7) Spraypaint- I am a firm believer in spraypaint. You can use it for hinges, wood, anything! There are 4 colors that I think any DIYer could use: white, black, brown, and silver. There are a number of craft or home improvement projects with these four colors. So functional, so easy.

8) Screwdriver and Hammer- I know I mentioned tools above, but these two require special mention. Tim always uses his all-in-one screwdriver (like this one, but that's not the exact one that we have) and of course a hammer. These are great ideas, especially for an apartment-dweller.

9) How To Books- While we do love the magic of google, it's nice to have a step by step how to book including photos. My grandpa had a great set of books for the home. It was a multi-volume set with books on a variety of topics. We've consulted electrical, plumbing, and landscaping so far. My mom currently has these in her collection and we love to borrow them.

10) Safety Gear- Protective eyewear includes two varieties: one that fits over prescription glasses, the other that fits normally without glasses. Masks are important when you're dealing with any kind of toxic chemical, dust, or other debris. We don't have anything fancy in this category. Simple gets the job done! Gloves are essential. They should fit snugly, protect the hands, and have rubber/textured palms to maintain solid grip.

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