Friday, December 30, 2011

For Sale

I seriously forgot to post yesterday. It just wasn't even on my radar. I ran errands, cleaned a bit, went to Ikea, and just didn't think about it. The terrible thing is that I didn't even work yesterday! I think the Ikea trip threw me off. Tim and I went there to purchase our vanity mentioned in this post. We ended up going with a different mirror and I am so excited about it! Of course we'll share details as we renovate both bathrooms. I'm going to post twice today in hopes that you'll forgive me for my little blunder yesterday.

I posted two weeks ago about my dirty little secret, the green room aka project room. As I mentioned during that post, this room is now clean and functional. I briefly mentioned that I had a few items to sell, my computer chair and computer desk pictured in the corner of the photo below. As it turns out, hosting a blog is a great way to sell something because I had two interested parties in no time! Well, I'm back to see if I have any interest for a few more items.

I am now selling the arm chair and love seat (pictured above and below) for $60 ($20 for the arm chair and $40 for the love seat but they come as a package deal, sorry no splitting the items). These are great pieces of furniture for a small space. The neutral decor could match any home! I do really enjoy them and I have kept them in great shape, we just don't really need them. Instead, we could really use the space in this room for assembly and other madness as we embark on our bathroom renovations (mentioned here and here; also here and here). I also have a marker to include that matches the wood, in case you happen to ding it up at some point.

I am also selling the ottoman shown in the photos. It includes the espresso ottoman shown plus the lid converts into a tray table/flat coffee table when you flip it over. It's great for snacks or drinks or propping your feet up. Inside the espresso ottoman there are two smaller foot stools. These can be removed and you can use the larger ottoman for storage. I am selling this item for $60 (including the two inner foot stools). We have owned this for less than 6 months. When we got our new couch, we found that it didn't really fit downstairs anymore.

The final item up for purchase isn't shown. We do have several old Nintendo games and accessories for sale also. Tim has an old school Nintendo and my grandpa gave him tons of games before he died. Don't worry, we're keeping many of them but some are duplicates and some we wouldn't play, so we'd like to pass them onto another Nintendo enthusiast. If you're interested in these games, let me know and we can discuss price.

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