Saturday, December 24, 2011

Upstairs Bathroom Brain Dump

As I mentioned before, we have zero items purchased for this renovation. We remain undecided on many items, including the color scheme and vanity which are two factors that will dictate the rest of the purchases. My mom suggested a new vanity with two sinks. The problem is that the space is so tight (less than 4 feet in width) that we weren't sure it would fit. The bathroom includes a very nice linen closet, so the space for the vanity isn't very wide. Then Tim saw this great vanity at Ikea during a recent shopping trip. He then went on the Ikea bathroom planner and mapped out a few options. I made this little sketch today (via the Ikea Bathroom Planner):

This image includes a two bowl sink, two faucets, a two drawer vanity, and a mirror cabinet for a total of $653. Plus, it fits in the tight space! The only change in this image that we predict is the mirror. We know that we want to have a large mirror above the vanity, but this mirror is probably too tall. We have an existing light fixture above our current mirror that we plan to keep (the light that is). 

As for the color scheme, we know we want something earthy. Tim loves the natural stone look of the tiles in my mom and Steve's bathroom. We're thinking of a chocolate/dark brown, white, and natural stone color scheme for the bathroom. Perhaps a tile like this?

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

Maybe not that exact look, but something similar in terms of the earthiness and tanish-brownish look. I'm thinking of a small tile backsplash between the sink and mirror, but this is definitely still a maybe We also plan to install a shelf in that space as well. This will be helpful for toothbrushes, hair items, etc. This was a great idea that Tim had since we'll be losing a bit of counter space with the installation of a two-bowl sink rather than 1 bowl.

I've also considered adding wainscoting, but again we're still pretty undecided on this matter. In terms of wall color, we could do chocolate, tan (we currently have an extra can of Behr Burnt Almond at our house), or white. Those are the ideas for now! Let us know what you think. 

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