Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bath Crashers, Where Art Thou? Part 2

Part 2:

If you see me or talk to me on a regular basis, it's no secret that I absolutely HATE both of our bathrooms. They are both COMPLETELY original to the 1983 house. I think the only change is a composite sink installed in the upstairs bathroom. And even that is NOT cool. Below are before pictures of both bathrooms, my dislikes and my hopes for change. Both projects are going to commence after the New Year.

Bathroom #2 upstairs. This bathroom is larger and has a shower/tub. This will be a FULL renovation. New tile (shower and floor), possible tub replacement, new toilet, new vanity, paint and trim.

The AMAZING floor upstairs. It's a goner.

We have a vanity in mind at Ikea and it's actually a double. To remedy losing the counter space with a double in this area, we're going to install a shelf between the sink and mirror. Again, removing the toothbrush/soap holders.

New toilet; enough said.

I'm excited and NERVOUS to tile this shower! We helped Chanelle's Mom tile her bathroom, but we didn't see the job to completion.

Like downstairs, we replaced the light fixture already. Need to clean that up, remove the medicine cabinet and install a mirror. A BIG mirror.

We have a couple of invisible shelves to install here. Should provide storage and style.
Here is a rough idea of what I want the upstairs bathroom to look like.


  1. I love it...and I could have used my tile crew with the kitchen....

  2. We like the tiles, but I'm not sold on the wall or vanity. Tim wants an earthy look for the tiles. I'm still trying to come up with a total color scheme (because green walls, red vanity, and black top aren't in our ideal image).