Thursday, December 8, 2011

Canvas Art (Fail)

Recently, a group of friends and I have been getting together for Craft Club. This installment of Craft Club involved Amy, Caroline, Joy, Kathy, and Mika and a great canvas art project on Pinterest:

Image from here.
I thought this would make a great decor idea for our bathroom. It's puffy paint on a canvas, so moisture in the bathroom wouldn't be problematic. The walls in our upstairs bathroom are bland, but I was hesitant to put photos or anything that could be damaged in there. After I stumbled upon this project, I thought it would be perfect!

Step one: Find an image that you want to duplicate. I searched all over the internet for various fabric patterns. I liked this one because I could do 3 canvases- stripes on one, boxes on one, and the entire pattern on the center, larger canvas.

Image from here.

Step Two: Print out your image. You'll lay wax paper on top of the image then trace over it with puffy paint. Your puffy paint can be any color of your choice. Apparently, there are several kinds of puffy paint- glossy, matte, etc. I think I chose glossy. Also, my friend Caroline had a nice tip- if you get wavy lines or uneven pressure, just take the tip of the puffy paint bottle, press it into the paint on the canvas, and smooth out the puffy paint.

Step Three: Let the puffy paint dry. I waited a day before I tried with mine. My friend Kathy said it took a very long time for hers (she had larger pieces of puffy paint on her wax paper). Peel the puffy paint off of the wax paper.

Step Four: Spray your canvas with spray adhesive or brush it with mod podge. Press the puffy paint to the canvas in the desired pattern.

When you're done, you can spray the whole thing with a paint color. I planned to do one in white, brown, and turquoise, my bathroom colors. Ultimately, I scrapped this particular design, but I still love the project idea. I chose a very specific pattern with straight lines. Straight lines in puffy paint = not going to happen for these unsteady hands. I plan to repeat this project with a new pattern for the design. When I do this again, I'll choose something a bit more organic or curvy so that you won't notice slight imperfections as much.

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  1. I think you can also do this with glue, just write on the canvas how you want with glue and then paint over the whole thing.