Friday, December 30, 2011

By the Numbers

Our first post about our home search began in April of 2010. It wasn't for another five months that we actually searched, found, and purchased our own home and began documenting our DIY adventures. Since October 2010, we've been posting (somewhat consistently) about our challenges and triumps in the world of home improvement. We toss in the occasional life update (like when Sullivan joined our family), home decor post (you've seen many vinyl table cloths in this house!), and celebratory moment (like our Merry Christmas post).

Now that we have a bit of history behind us, I thought I'd share some interesting statistics with you. Blogger keeps track of a whole slew of statistics. I view these periodically to see how we're doing. Onto the quantitative data.

Pageview Totals:
We have had 3,454 all time pageviews since we started the blog 21 months ago. This month alone we've had 1,261 hits! Of course we get more pageviews when we post more. It makes sense that December has been our busiest month in terms of site traffic. I never thought we would exceed 1000 hits in a single month.

Most Commented Post: Kitchen Phase 4
           This excludes my own comments.

Most Viewed Post: A European Inspired Bathroom Guest Post

Traffic Sources:
The vast majority of you came from Facebook (597 full version and 81 mobile version) since I started sharing our posts there. Many readers come directly to our blog (142), but we also had a bunch of Google searches (95). Of course I couldn't forget the readers who popped over from The Bernout (19).

Our little blog also popped up on some Google searches! People who stumbled upon our blog from a Google search were Googling the following phrases:

glidden wood smoke (18)
glidden wood smoke paint (10)
wood smoke glidden (4)
chanelleandtim (4)
glidden wood smoke paint kitchen (2)
behr premium plus floor paint (2)
carpet dining room (2)
for vacation and (2)
glidden gray and red walls in a room (2)
glidden painted room (2)

Tons of searches for Glidden paint!

Pageviews by Countries:
This is the most surprising piece of information for me. I assumed that all of our readers came from the United States. While this is true for the vast majority of our readers, we actually have some international readers! Can you believe it? Here they are, by the numbers:

United States 3,232
Russia 67
Japan 25
Latvia 24
Germany 22
United Kingdom 18
Canada 11
India 10
Italy 8
Romania 8

The map shows the shaded areas where we've had traffic. I think part of this can be explained by spammers trying to scam people into visiting other websites or obtain personal information (While we do share a lot of photos and information about our lives, we try to be careful what we put online limiting it to information that could be obtained via property searches, zillow, etc.). I'll be optimistic to assume that some of those readers are genuine!

Of course, Tim and I do this blog for fun. We have full time jobs that keep us busy otherwise. This is just a way for us to share the happenings in our home with friends and family. As always, we welcome you to the White House and hope you enjoy. I hope we can teach you something along the way; after all, we started off as novice DIYers and are slowly accummulating skills. Thank you for visiting our blog and sharing your lives with us!

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