Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bath Crashers, Where Art Thou? Part 1

If you see me or talk to me on a regular basis, it's no secret that I absolutely HATE both of our bathrooms. They are both COMPLETELY original to the 1983 house. I think the only change is a composite sink installed in the upstairs bathroom. And even that is NOT cool. Below are before pictures of both bathrooms, my dislikes and my hopes for change. Both projects are going to commence after the New Year. I'll be back tomorrow to share part two of our bathroom.
Bathroom #1. This bathroom is downstairs, full bath with a stand up shower. Obvious afflictions: flooring, toilet that is slow to fill, old-dated vanity. The toilet will be a Mansfield Prato from Menards.

Here is the vanity. The yellow bowl is in the shape of a shell. TACKY! Chanelle also wants to rip out the toothbrush holder and soap dish. Both are gross!

This is the shower. The interior is a yellow tile. We're going to keep the tile and work around it. Paint the walls a light grey. I want to replace the water valve as it does not work properly.

I want to replace this light as well. It's dated and does not look nice.

Ugh, flooring. This has to go. The same patern is upstairs only in a sleek green!!!

We already replaced the light fixture, however, the medicine cabinet will also go. We'll install a flat mirror here. We're also going to replace the outlets and put in new trim.

Here is a rough idea of what I want the color scheme of the down stairs to be.

Thanks for clicking through and I hope you all have a great rest of the week!


  1. I like the inspiration picture--sounds like you guys have a lot of work cut out for you two!

  2. We are definitely doing grey and yellow, but the yellow will be softer/more subtle.