Saturday, September 17, 2011


The Garage!
When Chanelle and I first moved into the house, we knew that certain things had to be done to the garage. There was a huge set of metal cabinets attached to the back wall and a small set of hooks. Other than that, there was little storage. To remedy, we decided to take down the metal shelves and purchase 2 sets of open shelves. On top of that, I wanted a work bench. My grandpa had a workbench, my dad has a workbench and it was my turn. My dad, mom and Molly came down and dad and I worked on the bench.
We started by building the frame. We got 90% of the lumber from the clearance bin at Home Depot! My dad also bought a couple of 8 foot hardwood planks to use for the top.
Monk and Sullivan helped of course. It was a challenge to keep them out of the garage while we used the saw!
And of course, Molly-dog had to help too. It was a fun visit having my parents down. They hadn't see the house since the day they helped us move in!
Dad and I were pretty proud of our finished product. It's a solid workbench; one that I'll be able to move around or move out eventually!
After that weekend, I also wanted to run some utility hooks along the side wall of the garage. This helps organize (Chanelle's favorite word!) and keep important tools off of the garage floor.
I even repurposed and old hook that the previous owners had left behind. It's sturdy enough to hang my wheelbarrow!
A good pic of me sizing up my work. This project was actually really easy. Mark the studs, level the board and screw it in!
This is the finished product of the back wall of the garage. Shows my new workbench, clean back wall and our new storage shelves.
And finally a final shot of the wall. All in all this was a very successful project; onto the next project!

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