Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dining Room Phase 2


Well, this was my baby. I took an extra day off around President's Day Weekend and finished the entire dining room floor in about a day and a half. Here is a "before" pic. The old carpet was pretty bad. It had definitely seen it's better days with wear and stains galore.

It only took me about an hour to strip the carpet off of the foundation. The worst part were the carpet tack strips which had been cemented in! Once I bought a "Wonder Bar" from Stanley Tools, it went MUCH smoother! :)

Here was the hardest part of the entire process: the transition from the kithen to the dining room:

This section took me 2 of the 10 hours I spent on the project! Once I realized that we were not working with identical products (the initial thought/plan) the rest of the process went pretty smooth!

Here is an inprogress shot:

Notice the red underlay; $59 per 100 feet. There was a $25 per 100 feet option, but Home Depot neglected to point that out. ALWAYS ask about pricing options.

Here is the final product, part 1:

The final piece of the puzzle was installing trim to cover the seams between the kitchen and dining room. We used a piece of metal trim and nailed it to the flooring:

All in all, this project was a pretty big success. The more daunting challenge now is to install the trim. YIKES!! :)

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  1. This was actually written by Tim but posted under my name for some reason!