Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

This is actually a project from 2010 (we were in fact doing projects, just not posting them!). We did a terrible job of taking before photos, so none exist. We'll just say the old lighting was U-G-L-Y, ugly. Home Depot had a big lighting sale back in September/October and we bought new lights for the entire house. When we looked at this house, I knew immediately that the lack of overhead lights would be a challenge for me. I like all of the lights on, all of the time. Just ask my mom, Steve, and Tim. It drives them insane. They were trying to watch tv in pitch black and I turned on all of the lights in their living room! I can't stand it. Enough of my rant, onto the photos.

This beauty came in under $10! We have one in each hallway (leading upstairs and leading downstairs).

We bought a different recessed light for above the sink. When Alex installed them for us, the hole was too large for the light we purchased. Thankfully Alex had this one in his truck (he happens to be an electrician). We plan to install an identical one 2 feet to the right so that the entire counter/space in front of the window has bright lights to illuminate it.

This is the other new fixture in our kitchen. The old ceiling fan had a large wicker ring around it, e repainted the ceiling to correct the ring you can minimally see in this photo. We liked this ceiling fan so much we bought one for our bedroom.
You can also see from this photo that we have CFL bulbs installed. Not only do these bulbs save on energy costs, but they were also FREE! You know I love a good deal! That's right, if you have Duke Energy you can sign up to receive 15 free CFL bulbs. I couldn't believe it.
There you have it folks, the 4 new lighting fixtures in our home. Alex replaced all of the old fixtures in the house, now we just need to add lights where there were no previously existing lights (the 3 bedrooms and the dining room). We have the lights ready and waiting! Because we live in a tri-level home, it would be very challenging (cutting floor boards, joists, supports, etc) to install an overhead light in our living room downstairs, so we're not even going to try.

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