Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kitchen Phase 5

The final phase... wall paint! It seemed like this kitchen project was never going to come to an end, but here we are! I had a really difficult time settling on a paint color. The counter includes tan, warm red/tan, black, and grey flecks. The tiles are grey, black, white, and stainless steel with tan grout. Of course the cabinets are white with brushed nickel hardware and the appliances stainless steel and black.

Tim immediately thought grey would be a good choice. He really liked Martha Stewart's Gray Squirrel. It was a light shade that would match everything. I was hesitant about choosing a cool color for the kitchen. Usually people like warm colors that make the space feel inviting.

We went to Home Depot and got a ton of color swatches to test them out in our house. We sorted through them and eliminated any too dark, too blue, or too green options. It seemed like we found the perfect color, Glidden's Wood Smoke. It's grey, but includes some hints of tan (hence the smoke).

The funny thing is we already had a sample of this color! We tried to put endcaps on our countertops, but they didn't fit quite right, were hard to work with, and didn't look nice. Tim decided to take them off and paint the ends to waterproof them. We went to Home Depot and looked through the Glidden premixed samples to find a close enough match for our barely seen ends. We quickly and easily selected Wood Smoke as a close match that tied in all of the elements of the kitchen. As fate would have it, that's the color we chose for our kitchen!

Check out the photos of our freshly painted kitchen:

We do still have our detached dishwasher in the corner. It currently holds my plants while I wait for spring to roll around so I can purchase a plant stand or two. We seldom use the dishwasher, but it is helpful for when we have large groups of guests. Tim has researched installing a dishwasher. With a full sized dishwasher, we would forfeit 1.5-2 cabinets, yikes! I can't imagine losing two large storage spaces. The alternative would be an apartment sized dishwasher. Unfortunately, these cost almost double! At this point, we just can't justify the cost for as little as we use it. Up next: before and after shots!

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