Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snap into a Slim Trim!

This one was definitely Chanelle's baby. One of the many oddities of the house lie in the set up of the windows. While they are all new (replaced within the last 5 years), the trim is different on each set. The basement windows have a ledge, side trim and upper trim. The bedroom windowns have a ledge, but no side or uppper trim. The bedroom windows all have custom blinds as well. They are nice (I like them, Chanelle not so much) but they are bulky at the top of the fixtures. We decided to add side trim and a couple of decorative blocks at the top corners in bedroom #3. A trial run of sorts.

Above is a picture of Chanelle adding the side trim. This is actually recycled trim from our kitchen. We (ahem, Chanelle) sanded and painted the trim and blocks. I did manage to contribute by cutting the trim to size.

And here is the (almost) finished product. We still need to fill the brad-nail holes and do some touch up painting. I think this project may save my blinds after all!

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