Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Window Treatments

This is a small, but overdue post. Back in October we installed blinds in our living room downstairs. The windows put a glare on the tv if we posted it on the opposite wall. When we put the tv in its current location, you stare into a blaze of glory. It doesn't seem problematic during the dark winter days, but on a sunny fall evening, it's difficult.

It was pretty simple. We just screwed the brackets to the top piece of trim. Then, we shortened the extremely long blinds by removing slats from the bottom following the package instructions. It was certainly cheaper to buy off the shelf blinds and shorten them.

One of my favorite features of our house is the big front window. I love our quaint little neighborhood and the people that live in it. During the summer, we had a hard time regulating the temperature of the dining room. The sun just beats down on the front of the house and into the dining room. I love all of the bright sunlight, so I wanted to purchase sheer curtains. I like the way they block the view of our dining room if we need some coverage, but it also lets in so much light. The simple white is also a good choice because we knew we'd paint our cabinets in our kitchen white. We want the main floor (kitchen and dining room) to have a consistent look (although not identical). The pulls and rod are both black to match our dining table.

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