Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitchen Phase 3

Welcome to Phase 3 of our Kitchen Makeover! This phase includes cabinet paint and hardware.

Priming by the oven- I always seem to be stuck here!

Oh you know, just a usual Saturday morning in the White House. Me painting in my pjs while Monkey noses around behind me.

We chose Behr Ultra Pure White for the paint. It's a true white without hints of other colors. Most whites have blue, pink, or tan hues, but the Ultra Pure White is well, pure. Tim chose the color because he wanted a white that would make the cabinets shine.

Here's Tim hard at work installing hardware!
Installing the final cabinet door. Poor Miss Monk won't be able to snoop around the cabinets anymore. :( (Look, there's Sam! More on our visitors in a future post)
Tim is celebrating as he enjoys the sweet taste of victory! Kitchen success.

Check out those amazing cabinets! It almost looks like a brand new kitchen! I'll post a nice before and after comparison when it's all said and done. Until then, stay tuned for Kitchen Phase 4: Tile Backsplash.

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