Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dining Room Phase 4

Finally, the last phase of the dining room. It took us about a month to finish this portion of the room. Then, another month to actually post it! And we forgot to take action shots (mostly because Tim did this by himself). Fail.

We purchased the trim from Pease, a local discount warehouse (Thanks for the tip Brian!). The prices were radically cheaper than the big home improvement chains. Tim lugged home massive pieces of trim (one wall is 16 feet I think?) with the Focus. Amazing what you can haul in a compact car! Oh, the adventures the Foci have. The wood was already primed, so Tim painted two coats of semi-gloss white on each piece (ideally, all of the trim in our house will eventually be semi-gloss white).

Tim cut the pieces using our miter saw, compliments of my mom/grandpa. Tim used our brad nailer/staple gun combo tool to install them. Then, I touched up the holes with a small paintbrush. Sounds simple right? It never is... I doubt the walls are 100% square, the trim perfectly straight, or that Tim's cuts were the exact angles. Nothing a little caulk didn't fix.

Then came the closet doors. Same routine: prime then two coats of semi-gloss white paint.

Tim re-installed them and added brushed nickle handles. These are larger than the handles in the kitchen, but are both brushed nickel.

Over time, the closet doors got warped. They're original to the home and aren't straight. There's a gap between the wall and edge of the door (despite some trimming to make sure the new, slightly larger trim fit in the gap from the old trim). I love the crisp white look to balance our dark paint and table.

At this time, I'm debating between keeping the doors or installing a long, solid curtain instead. The latter is definitely a less traditional route, but makes the closet even more functional (it can be difficult to get larger items in and out because of the doors). I see a white floor length curtain fitting in nicely with the space, but would that alienate future buyers? I would love to know your thoughts, so I'm taking a little poll. Stick with the current doors or install a white curtain instead?

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