Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Witty titles aren't my thing, but thrifty shopping surely is! I've been on the hunt for a medium sized (not so tiny it just shows your face, but not a full length mirror either) white mirror for the guest bedroom. I searched around online and in a couple of stores, but I found only dissatisfaction.

Most were entirely too expensive, in the $50 range, which was about $30 out of my budget. Several were too small. I want something that you can at least see yourself in, rather than just a hand mirror. Those that fit the size and price were not white. I'm definitely not opposed to painting things, but I can't justify paying $25 for something that isn't really what I want.

I CAN, however, justify spending $3 on something that isn't exactly what I'm looking for. I decided to stop at Valley Thrift (the local and busiest thrift store in the area) to see if they had anything on hand. I figured, why not, I'm having no success anywhere else! That's where this gem comes in:

It was an ideal size, approximately 18" x 18". The price was more than ideal at a mere $3. Unfortunately the color was terrible. For $3, I don't mind a little DIYing!

I decided not to prime this mirror. I figured I would just do 3 coats of paint and that should be good. After the first coat, I was feeling nervous.

After coat two things looked better and the third coat did the trick. The mirror has some nice detail with ridges around the frame. The gold/red color scheme is appropriate if your guest bedroom is circus themed, or if you have an affinity for McDonals (like the 25,000 Big Mac guy).

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the results of my $3 adventure! I'm waiting to hang this mirror until I get some other items for the guest bedroom and will post when I figure it out.

I went through a phase where I really didn't like yard-sale-ing with my granny, but now I'm really looking forward to it and look fondly on the times we spent together haggling property ownders for lower prices. I also enjoy a good thrift store or Craigslist deal, as evidenced by two of my recent projects.

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