Friday, November 16, 2012

Craft Crazy

In the weeks before Baby White arrived, I was in a frenzy to finish projects. You might call this nesting. Or, you could say this was my attempt to keep busy with small projects instead of staring at the calendar waiting for him to arrive. Either way.

I love organization. I saw this idea on Pinterest and then executed in my friend Kathy's home. Unlike me, Kathy actually executes most of the stuff she pins on pinterest. This is our weekly organizer for events, meals, etc. It helps keep us on track and makes sure that we have a plan for groceries and not wasting food. This is just a $10 frame from Wal Mart. I stamped the days of the week on scrapbook paper and plopped it in the frame. Easy!

My next project included these supplies. It also cost less than $10.

I had been wanting to do some kind of art for our downstairs bathroom. The walls needed some visual interest, but I didn't want to put pictures of people in there (creepy!).

I also had 3 canvases leftover from my last failed art project, so I thought I better use them or get rid of them.

Canvas + foam brush + acrylic paint = bathroom art. Simple enough.

I figure I can always change it if I get sick of looking at this.

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