Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a Dirty Job...

Demo. It's a dirty job. Tim did ALL of the demo himself! He was eager to get a start on this project since my mom, Steve, and Rex were headed down soon to help us install the new tub.

Here's my wonderful husband proudly demolishing our old bathroom!

Beneath the toilet, Tim unearthed two old layers of linoleum. Can you imagine this faux brick look with our aqua tiles? Wow.

Here's a shot of the linoleum we lived with for close to two years.

That's a Coke, not a beer. As Steve says, Don't Drink and Demo!

Tim turned off the water valve, but there's an old sour cream container to catch any drips. Look at the empty floor where the vanity and toilet used to be!

You can see in the back of this photo that Tim peeled off the first layer of tile. More on that to come in a minute... Tim had several holes to patch. These are two of the smaller holes from the shelf that once lived here. That's pretty easy.

Now these holes... that's another story. How on earth are we going to patch them? We had no idea that the porcelain soap and toothbrush holders would leave gaping holes in the wall. We thought they were attached to drywall not sunk IN drywall!

Former vanity. It was gross!

Whoa, what happened to the bathtub!? He peeled away the first tile around the perimeter of the bathtub. Then, he took a circular saw and cut a nice hole in the drywall and took the tile out in chunks. We didn't want to redrywall the whole bathroom, so taking away the first tile allowed us to preserve the good drywall and just install new over the tub surround.

Tim managed to demo the entire bathroom by himself except removal of the tub. It was too large and unwieldy to get himself. He also cleaned up the debris.

A few days later, my mom, Steve, and Rex came and helped remove the tub. We were left with this completely empty shell of a former bathroom! What did we get ourselves into? :)


  1. Wow, Chanelle! You guys have your hands full! I can't wait to see the next chapter to the bathroom reno saga! :)

  2. This is amazing, I am so impressed! Looking forward to the next post!