Monday, December 17, 2012

Building the Ark

Okay, so now that we tore apart the bathroom, it's time to rebuild it. Unfortunately, this process takes a lot longer than tearing it apart! As I mentioned, my mom, Steve, and Rex came to the rescue.

I don't have any photos of the tub setting. Here's how it went: take out the old tub, check supports in the floor to make sure the joists are still in good shape (we were good there), place the new tub, level, and set it. Voila.

Rex installed new drywall for us. This new drywall is green because it's a moisture resistant sheet rock intended for use in bathrooms.

You basically clean up the rough edges of the existing drywall, score the sheet rock, snap it, and screw it into the studs.

Then you tape everything with mesh drywall tape.

You fill in the drywall tape and other small holes with putty (or rather, you kindly ask Steve to do it.). Once it dries you sand, sand, sand for a smooth finish.

See the silver behind Steve's head? We had to use metal patches (see below) for the big holes where the porcelain toothbrush and soap holders used to live. Same idea, they just have big metal pieces for stability for such a huge hole. It worked like a charm.

Remember the area where the medicine cabinet used to live? Rex covered that with a new piece of drywall too. He had to attach a new 2x4 adjacent to the stud to secure it.

The floors also got new sheet rock too since we planned to tile them.

 Hey, this kinda looks like a bathroom again!

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