Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Demo Derby

Did you know Tim's brother, Kevin, participated in a Demo Derby? He survived to tell the tale, but he lost pretty quickly. Tim engages in a different kind of demo... the home improvement kind.

Our shower fixtures HAD to go. We're keeping the tile in the downstairs bathroom because it's in great shape and it doesn't look heinous like the upstairs.

That NASTY vanity is GONE! I did a happy dance every time I saw this missing piece of junk.

Next up: toilet. Gone-zo! I love the sweet paint gaps around the toilet and vanity. I guess that shows the bathroom HAD been painted since the original owners. So I guess it was white before? The warm, yellow tone of brown was not really working in here since everything had this yellow overtone. It's funny really, because I actually don't hate the paint color. It's very reminiscent of our hallway color.

Wow. This looks so different already! I can't wait. Notice anything else missing?

Yep, the ugly linoleum is gone too! That actually came up much easier than Tim or I ever would have guessed. The hallway, not so much. He had a tougher time in the little walkway between our bathroom and laundry room, but alas, Tim worked hard and prevailed over ugly flooring!

Now what do we do with these giant holes left by the fixtures? This is not something we anticipated. We thought they were mounted on TOP of the drywall like most fixtures. Patch 'er up!

This space is looking better already. Tim worked at lightning speed to totally transform this room. I can't wait to see what's next!

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  1. You had to make it known to the world that I am WT that participated in a demo derby. 8 weeks of work for 8 seconds of "fun".

    Can't wait to see all of the changes to your place in person!