Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bathroom Secrets

It's been almost two weeks since I last posted. Whoops. I know I left you hanging on our bathroom project. The secret is that we've actually been working on the upstairs bathroom now! Back to back bathroom renovations? Yep, we are insane. Don't worry, we made the downstairs totally functional before embarking on this journey. Onto the downstairs bathroom progress...

Tim primed the entire room. He even painted the ceiling flat white. It just needed a little pick me up.

The space looks strange without any color. It's funny how big it looks though without any fixtures and white walls.

I swear the shower actually reads less canary yellow in person. It comes off as a soft, pastel yellow now.

This picture is a little closer to reality. Maybe my camera settings are not awesome? Who knows. A for effort, right!? As you can see from the above photo we went with a soft grey wall. I think it helps to soften the look of the yellow tile. Unfortunately, I did not take any more in progress photos of the paint color, so I'll leave you with this teaser...

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