Thursday, December 30, 2010

Outdoor Projects

As you may have noticed, Tim and I aren't great at taking before pictures or posting to the blog, but we're trying to get better! This hook was on our house when we moved in, but it was old and rusted. We used the same spraypaint that we used to paint our mailbox. What an immediate facelift!

Despite our aluminum fence, Monkey continuously gets out of our yard and into the neighbors yard. She is desperate to visit with the Schnauzer next door, Maggie.

Here are a couple of photos of Tim installing our invisible fence to reign in the wild woman.

He installed the fence at a rapid pace. He finished digging the entire back yard in just one day after work! Now that we have both the aluminum and invisible fences, that manages to keep her in the back yard successfully. The front yard is another story...

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