Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Addition

The White family is expanding! Three weeks ago Tim and I welcomed a 6 year old Rat Terrier named Sullivan to our home. We purchased Sullivan from the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton (we got Monkey from the Preble County Humane Society because we lived in Oxford at the time). We brought Monkey with us to the shelter so that she could meet a Jack Russell Terrier named Princess. Unfortunately, Princess wasn't a big fan of Monkey.

Then, we saw Sullivan. He was a cute, excited little guy. He's a little older than we were planning to get. He immediately greeted Tim at the kennel. We were hoping for a dog smaller than Monkey and the same age or a little older than Monkey (9 months).

Here's a rare moment- Monkey and Sully snuggling me:

Sully absolutely loves being held. He's only 12 pounds, which is a little under weight. He is constantly freezing in the winter weather, so we often put sweaters on him. He's definitely a lap dog.

Monk showing her true nature, a wild woman!

Monk and Sully really love playing together. He doesn't care for Monkey biting him so much, but he really enjoys playing chase in the house and the yard. Sullivan is growing less timid by the day. He's getting more spunky and dishing it out to Monk!

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