Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Better late than never... Back in October, we had a Halloween Housewarming Party. A lot of people had been asking to see our new house, so this was the perfect opportunity! Here are some photos of our costume party.

Tim, Chanelle, & Monkey- farmers and pig.

Camera & Shon- pimp and disco chic

Brooklynn- dead OSU cheerleader

Jordan- vampire.

Tiffany- candy corn witch.

As you can see, we did some decorating for Halloween. We have a Trick or Treat mat which still rests outsde our front door... whoops. Our cute tablecloth, pumpkin cake, and treat trap (photo above).

We also had some furry guests for the party. Bones dressed as Eminem and Sammy as Sammy Tressel! They had some of the best costumes at the party.

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