Saturday, October 2, 2010

Move-In Day!

You know that house we added at the last minute? We're definitely thankful we did, because that's the one we purchased!

That's us on move-in day trying to get the little rascal, Monkey, to cooperate for a family photo. As you can tell in the photo, we purchased a split or tri-level home. The house includes a two car garage to the right and a fenced-in yard for Miss Monk to enjoy (and boy, has she).

Tim and I actually got the keys and stayed in the completely bare house on Thursday night. Here's Tim enjoying his first meal in the new house. We like to keep it classy with some Mickey-Donalds as Brooklynn would say.

We are so thankful for our wonderful family for helping us on move-in weekend. It was not totally dissimilar to previous move-in days. Unlike previous moves, we hope to not move annually and this move wasn't into a residence hall!

Don & Susie came down Friday night and helped us empty our storage unit. The trailer Don rented came in handy for our multiple furniture pick-ups on Saturday! My dad & Tammy brought mattresses for our room and the guest bedroom with them. Visitors, thank them for having something to sleep on haha. I should've gotten a picture of the mattresses strapped to the top of the van! My mom & Steve brought our kitchen table/chairs and patio furniture with them. Then, the furniture maddness began. Everyone was cleaning and assembling for most of the day Saturday. Here's some pictures of the madness:

This was probably my least organized move of all. Tim and I are expert movers by this point. I think at one point I counted 11 moves in 5 years? We label each box with the room that it goes in and the contents of the box. We organize things by where they need to go and have jobs planned out for everyone. I give us a C for this move because we had multiple pick up locations for furniture, stuff, daily use items, and more furniture. Did I mention we had almost no furniture before we moved in?

Speaking of... we also spend the day trying to fit couches that were too large for our doorway. Whoops. Tim and I ordered our couch and love seat from Big Lots. We honestly didn't think to measure it because the previous owners had a very large couch in the downstairs. Apparently, theirs must come apart. After spending 30 minutes trying to fit this 7'4" wide couch into a 7'0" tall doorway, we gave up and bought another love seat instead. Much to your surprise, I'm incredibly impatient. As you can surmise, I was instantly annoyed with this couch situation. We just say that we like people to share the love and be cozy in our house- or something like that.

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